Athlete Health, Wellbeing and Goal Setting.

Your state of mind is crucial to your success in your chosen field. Helix works with accredited experts to offer you contemporary advice on how to be happy in life. Getting through the tough times in your career can be difficult without an appreciation of gratitude or training in resilience. We will set you up to succeed and be there for you through the good times and the bad.
Understanding what your goals are and working out a SMART way to achieve them are different things. At Helix, we will work with you to help you understand what success looks like and give you practical steps towards achieving it.
Some people are lucky enough to earn lengthy and successful careers in sport and entertainment, others may find theirs cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. At Helix we help you with your plan B without losing focus on your current playing career. We understand the drive, determination and overwhelming focus that is required to achieve your vision of success. It is because of this we intertwine your goals with an emphasis on the importance of budgeting, investing, education and having passions outside of sport and entertainment.

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