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Sport Business Consulting, Strategic Planning and Project Management Services across Media Digital and Commercial.

Is your media output not achieving your desired reach?
Have you got a Digital Strategy?
Do you need to review and better define your commercial assets?
Have you profiled your customers in order to find the right brand to partner with?
Or is it just hard to find brands to partner with?
The Helix Group has your back…

Our Media Services can help you

Our Commercial acumen can assist you to

Media, Digital and Commercial Project Clients


–  Digital product development

–  Partnership acquisition


  • SLOCOACH Digital Performance Platform product development
  • Business Development strategy planning and execution
  • Generate leads, client demonstrations and engagement

Tenpin Bowling Premier League

–  Partnership acquisition


  • Review commercial assets and prepare a partnership prospectus
  • Conduct research to determine partner organisations to target
  • Develop a Business Development Plan listing target organisations
  • Implementation of the Business Development Plan

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